• Nigel Watson. Accountable Manager.

    Luviair is managed by Nigel Watson. Based in the Isle of Man, Nigel has a long experience in aircraft management and specialised consulting services.

    Following a career in the Royal Navy, Nigel founded HeliRiviera on the French Riviera to manage helicopter operations on superyachts.

    Now Luviair builds on that expertise to increase the safety and reduce the cost of ownership for all private aircraft. Nigel has maritime command, commercial helicopter and fixed wing flight qualifications.

  • Experienced rotary and fixed-wing pilots.

    We have many years experience in recruiting helicopter pilots for superyacht, private estate and corporate/VIP assignments. Few companies have our depth of experience in managing pilot operations on a global basis for clients who have busy schedules.

    In conjunction with our partners in the aviation industry we can also recruit fixed-wing pilots with relevant experience in any model of executive jet.

    In addition to the selection and recruitment of pilots, we can manage their remuneration package and regulatory training on behalf of the client. This means the entire pilot employment package can be safely and cost-effectively outsourced.

  • Aircraft, air crew and helideck training services.

    Luviair and its partners have world-class resources in the area of aviation safety. We can manage the safety and training for helicopter operations on superyachts and private estates.

    As with pilot sourcing, few companies can match our depth of experience for training helideck crew, and to manage their ongoing training.

    We offer yachts and estates ad hoc safety training right through to annual safety programs which also include a custom helideck safety manual for the superyacht or private estate.

  • Aviation finance and insurance expertise on demand.

    Our financial team can guide potential and existing helicopter owners on the most efficient way to acquire and operate an aircraft.

    Acquisition, leasing and VAT costs are major questions for the owner’s management team. Our experts can help organisations to save potentially millions of dollars in costs and also to comply with relevant regulations.

    Insurance is another area where we can help. Aircraft, superyacht and private estates all need separate insurance policies for helicopter operations. We can help you understand where one policy stops and another starts to provide cover.

  • Achieving the right helipad for your superyacht or estate

    We have consulted superyachts and private estates on the issues surrounding helipad design and helipad refits.

    There are numerous safety regulations, design considerations and infrastructure requirements, and we can guide you and your architect/builder through these considerations.

    Helipad design can have an impact on pilot safety and insurance costs, so our comprehensive range of skills is vital for helicopter owners.