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We’ve just returned from a very successful participation in the Royal Manx Agricultural Show held at Patrick, Isle of Man.

The Royal Manx show is one of the big events in the Isle of Man social and economic calendar and, as such, it was a great opportunity for us to meet local people. Many visitors to our stand expressed an interest in helicopter charters and helicopter ownership. Living on an island between the UK and Ireland means helicopters are a very practical way to visit mainland destinations.

We had a popular quiz on the stand, which was to ‘guess the location of the helicopter’. Around 200 people took part and the correct location was somewhere in Mexico. We have contacted the winner of our helicopter goody bag about their prize.

If you are interested in visiting next year’s Royal Manx show, their website is at:

If you are interested in helicopter management or chartering, please visit our Isle Of Man Helicopter Operations page or email info@luviair.com


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