We at Luviair share a strong sense of compassion and corporate social responsibility, being active in, and contributing to, several charities. One of these is Let’s Do, a veterans’ charity based in Northern Ireland.

Let’s Do was founded by Robert Maxwell along with two other veterans who, unfortunately, aren’t with us today. Robert is a self-driven man who has continued to manage the charity after his fellow founders passed away. His drive stems from his own experience in the military and what he witnessed while in the aftercare system – with some veterans saying that they had not seen anyone in a professional capacity for ‘over a dozen years’. This level of neglect was the catalyst for Robert and his fellow founders to set up the charity and has remained the driving force behind the charity’s 3-year period of growth.

Let’s Do aims to help veterans deal with both mental and physical disabilities. It facilitates this by creating events for veterans in similar situations across the UK so that they might grow in confidence with their injuries by getting involved and socialising with their peers. Ross is a veteran who, in his own words, was ‘struggling to move forward in life’. Let’s Do took Ross to the ‘Southern 100 International Road Races’, held on the Isle of Man, earlier on this year. The trip made a huge impact on Ross who fed back that it ‘gave me something to look forward to and, for the first time in a long time I got excited.’ By this one example it is possible to witness how Let’s Do provides life-changing experiences and an inclusive community for those affected by war.

As the charity continues to grow they have cast their net to include veterans across the UK and Isle of Man. This year Let’s Do teamed up with the ‘Joey Dunlop Foundation’ and sent 12 veterans across to the IoM TT races. Currently the charity is running 3 trips to the Isle of Man, 2 to Northern Ireland and 2 to the UK mainland. Let’s Do is not only looking to continue sending veterans over to the UK but is also looking at purchasing a 14 seat minibus with the aim of taking a selection of veterans on safari to Africa in the coming years.

Robert has a dedicated core of volunteers who take a proactive approach and reach out to veterans in need, connecting them to the charity. Social media plays an ever-increasing role when finding people and many of them message the charity following feedback from other beneficiaries. However, despite Robert’s hard work, his trips are often over-subscribed and he has to decide who will attend on a case-by-case basis. We wish Robert and his team all the best with their upcoming events!

To find out more about Let’s Do and to support this fantastic charity, please visit their website or Facebook page- links below.

Let’s Do website: http://www.letsdoevents.info

Let’s Do Facebook page: http://bit.ly/2yyFdJT

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