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Luviair sponsors Allan Brew, who races two classic motorcycles: a Seeley 500 and an Aermacchi 350. Allan has written this report at the start of the TT event in the Isle of Man.

“I’m taking part in the pre-TT events and here’s a quick update. On Saturday (May 25th, 2013) I took part in the 250/350cc single race. I qualified in 8th place and we started in perfect weather conditions. The Aermacchi 350 felt fine but my top speed was down so perhaps I was running a little rich. I overtook a few riders and finished 5th at the flag, but was disappointed to see my times were down from my quickest laps of a few years ago.”

“On the Monday the conditions were terrible so the morning’s 500cc race was cancelled, leaving me to compete in only the 350cc Junior event in the afternoon. The conditions were some of the worst I’ve ever raced in, but of course they were the same for every competitor. I got overtaken by a few quick starters so had to cope with their spray. I managed to pass a few riders though and finished 8th.”

“Finally, at the last moment I took part in the 850 Classic, as they were just going to the starting area as I finished the 350 Junior event. I quickly fired up the Seeley G50 and started well down the grid due to a poor qualifier. The conditions were just the same: I couldn’t see and I got passed by another two 500’s so started to go backwards! Gave myself a talking to and finally got going but too late to get anywhere near the leaders. With one lap to go I was 5th but left a gap on the last corner and Paul Coward pipped me to the line so finished in 6th place, but as the 4th 500cc entrant.”

Footnote from Nigel Watson. Thanks for the update Allan. We look forward to receiving your next news from the world of classic motorbike racing.

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