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Luviair, a leading European helicopter acquisition, operations and safety organisation, is exhibiting at the Helitech International Expo, ExCeL Center, London, September 24-26, 2013.

Corporate and VIP owners of helicopters use Luviair’s services to provide a single point of contact for all aspects of helicopter operations, including aircraft safety.

Luviair promote a holistic approach to flight safety. Nigel Watson, CEO of the company, explains: “Safety is foremost in every aspect of our operation. We constantly examine what we are doing and how we are doing it. Risk assessment and internal safety management groups are a fundamental part of daily life.”

Watson continues: “This approach means we’re covering all the areas which can lead to accidents, including technical failure, human error, plus mission limitations caused by unforeseen in-flight events like medical emergencies or adverse weather.”

Safety is a fundamental part of the services Luviair offers with its VIP service package. Other aspects of the package includes tax-efficient aircraft purchase and registration though to day-to-day operational support. As Watson says: “Our goal is to make aircraft ownership as simple and safe as it can possibly be. Our VIP and corporate customers simply tell us where and when they want to travel, knowing we will have considered all aspects of the mission and made the necessary plans.”

Luviar has administrative offices in the Isle of Man, technical CAMO partners in Luxembourg, working relationships with all leading aircraft manufacturers, plus specialised support services for yachts and villas in the French Riviera. The company manages helicopter and heli-yacht operations worldwide.

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