The aviation industry is fast paced. Only last week we were full on at the Monaco Yacht Show, it being a key event in our calendar. Now, less than a week later, we are on our way to the Helitech International conference (which starts tomorrow – 3rd October).

Helitech International runs the largest helicopter exhibition in Europe. Naturally Luviair, as a well-established helicopter operator, will be in attendance. The conference is a hub of activity for all things helicopter related, from seminars on search & rescue operations, through safety workshops, to talks about social media presence. So lots to get our teeth into, and also an opportunity to feast our eyes on the wide-range of helicopters being exhibited!

The list of exhibitors this year is extensive. All are vying for positions in the industry and using the conference as a helipad to launch their business into the spotlight. Helitech is an invaluable opportunity to feel the very pulse of the industry, to network and cultivate business relationships. This year we are joined by our Director, Nigel Watson, a world authority in the aviation industry. Armed with his expertise we are anticipating a productive show.

Our team would be delighted to meet up with you at Helitech on the 3rd October. If interested please email us at:

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