With Helitech 2017 having drawn to a close we look back at what was, by any definition, an outstanding exhibition. The show lived up to its reputation as being a platform for the cutting edge. One of the most notable additions was the unveiling of Safran’s new engine. The ‘Aneto’ is designed for both super-medium and heavyweight helicopters operating from 2500 to over 3000 horsepower. Leonardo and Safran have worked together to install the Aneto-1K engine into Leonardo’s AW189K helicopter, which first took flight in March of this year. The engine is due to enter service in the 4th quarter of next year according to estimates.

Attending the exhibition was a range of experts from a multitude of different industries, from media to engineering and manufacturers to anti-corrosion specialists. Many of these experts were offering seminars in their fields. I chose to attend a talk about managing your company’s online presence. The presentation went in-depth about how to best present your company to the outside world and the increasing importance of social media. In the age of the smartphone we live in a constant state of connectivity. Look no further than Donald Trump and his relationship with Twitter!  Finally we refreshed ourselves on how to conduct yourself in the face of a disaster, working from past examples and learning from their mistakes. The seminar proved enlightening, and one thing to take away from Helitech is that there is always room for improvement… especially in aviation.

Although we were only there for the day, the Luviair team made the most of our time there packing the day with business meetings, seminars and networking. As a new week begins, we aim to consolidate on the benefits of attending events like Helitech.













Above (microphone in hand) is Mr Florent Chauvancy, Vice President, Heavy Helicopter Engines Program for Safran, revealing the new ‘Aneto’ engine.

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