Helicopter Management

  • Helicopter World Leadership.

    A balanced, diversified and experienced team

    Maximising a client’s return on their investment

    Specialising in Luxury yacht / private estate operations

    Luviair has expanded to comprise a well balanced but diversified team of aviation professionals. We truly are a Center of Excellence for every aspect of private helicopter operations.

    The majority of our work is in managing medium-sized, twin-engine helicopters. When clients ask us about helicopter acquisition we would review their needs but would usually recommend twin-engine models for their superior safety characteristics.

    Rotary wing aircraft require strict maintenance and loving care if they are to become a valuable asset. At Luviair we can help clients get the maximum return on investment from their helicopter.

  • Your Global Flight Partner.

    A reactive service

    Being there when you need us

    A global solution

    By their nature, helicopters are used more impulsively than fixed-wing aircraft. It is not unusual for the owner to request a helicopter flight for a business meeting or social function with almost no advance notice. The Luviair program is designed to support that.

    Our flexible 24/7 package means owners can depend on their helicopter as a business and personal asset. By planning ahead, we can ensure that pilot and technical issues are addressed in advance, so last minute problems are avoided.

    We also have a network of contacts so that we can arrange items like local and cross-border flight procedures with the minimum delay.

  • Safety And Availability.

    A safe, efficient aircraft

    Professionally planned maintenance scheduling

    An independent continuous airworthiness service

    Luviair will organise all the planned and unscheduled maintenance for your helicopter. We monitor your aircraft usage so that the end result is the highest levels of safety and aircraft availability.

    All Luviair managed aircraft become a part of the company’s Operations Manual. This manual is based on the approved JAR Ops 3 guidelines and regulations for commercial rotary-wing operations. We believe compliance with these standards provides our clients with the assurances and duty of care they are seeking.

    To ensure your safety and the helicopter’s availability we also use an independent CAMO Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation to follow the aircraft’s maintenance and operational status.

  • Recruitment And Remuneration Package.

    A turnkey aircrew solution

    Continuity of staff

    A friendly face in the cabin

    Luviair takes care of all of your aircrew needs.

    We can recruit pilots with the necessary skills for your aircraft. Luviair can also take over the management of any existing pilots the client wishes to retain. Our supportive environment makes us a popular management resource with pilots and aircrew.

    Aircrew benefits are reviewed against industry standards and fully negotiated with our clients and their aircrew to optimise value. We also manage necessary expenses whilst monitoring pilot flying time for legislative and safety purposes.

    The end result is that all pilot management issues are taken care of for our clients. And all in a friendly way which increases pilot loyalty and retention, another significant cost saver.

  • Easy Monthly Accounting.

    Monthly management accounts

    Web based accounting with access 24/7

    A single monthly management fee payment

    Luviair makes it easy to identify and manage the costs of aircraft ownership. Our monthly reporting covers all flight program expenditure including salaries, expenses, maintenance and regulatory charges. A comprehensive online system enables secure 24/7 access to your account, complete with itemised charges and detailed management accounts.

    For a single monthly payment our clients enjoy a full flight support package. From permits through to aircrew and aircraft services, Luviair is your global flight partner. With Luviair in charge of aircraft management, you really do enjoy the ‘Freedom To Fly’.

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