Fixed Wing Management

  • Single Source Global Management

    Your time is valuable

    Your jet is ready to go

    The world awaits

    You’ve invested in a private jet because your time is valuable, you want to travel at a time that suits you. With just one call your jet is available, fully maintained and ready to go.

    That’s what you get with Luviair’s jet management package. Thanks to our global network of technical partners, your jet is in safe hands wherever you go.

    And with Luviair you don’t just get superb service. Our aircrew management and financial streamlining expertise can reduce your cost of ownership as well.

  • Operate to JAR standards, 24/7

    Commercial fixed wing standards

    Quality service partners all over the world

    Being there for you when you need to move quickly

    Our operations are based on JAR Ops1 commercial fixed-wing standards. These official regulations from the Joint Aviation Authority are the gold standard for commercial jet operations.

    Adhering to JAR standards is a requirement for flying in the majority of countries worldwide, and of course is required by insurance companies. With Luviair audit trails you’ll be able to prove compliance with jet ownership regulations at any time.

    Quality is the hallmark of all Luviair’s services, and we demand the same high standards from our service partners. It all means that when you ask for a plane to be at a certain location at a certain time … you can be confident it will happen.

  • Continuous Maintenance Support

    A network of maintenance service providers

    An independent CAMO partner organisation

    Increased safety standards

    Luviair works with an independent Luxembourg-based Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) to ensure that your aircraft is always in peak operating condition.

    An international network of maintenance partners will optimise the availability of your Jet. Our management service ensures that a maintenance contingency plan is in place when a client travels to distant locations.

    Apart from increased safety standards, our CAMO program also has the benefit of increasing the residual value of an aircraft. Depending on your aircraft, this could add considerably to the resale value of your jet.

  • Recruitment And Remuneration Package.

    A screened, secure interview process

    Rosters, training and remuneration taken care of

    Contented aircrew team leads to high staff retention

    Your single monthly account with Luviair could include all pilot and technical aircrew salaries. We monitor pilot flying time for remuneration and safety purposes, and manage necessary expenses and well.

    We can recruit pilots with the necessary skills for your aircraft. Luviair could also take over the remuneration for any existing pilots the client wishes to retain. Our supportive environment makes us a popular management resource with pilots and aircrew.

    The end result is that all pilot-related issues – including rosters, training and remuneration – are taken care of for our clients. And all in a friendly way which increases pilot loyalty and retention.

  • Easy Monthly Accounting.

    Monthly reports and accounts

    All expenditure accounted for and transparent

    A single, monthly management fee

    Luviair makes it easy to identify and manage the costs of aircraft ownership. Our monthly reporting covers all flight program expenditure including salaries, expenses, maintenance and regulatory charges.

    For a single monthly payment our clients enjoy a full flight support package. From permits through to aircrew and aircraft services, Luviair is your global flight partner. With Luviair in charge of aircraft management, you really do enjoy the Freedom To Fly.

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