2011 Junior MGPAllan Brew, the Luviair sponsored rider, took part in the classic motorbike events at Walderstown, near Athlone, during July.

In hot weather Allan did well in the practice sessions, coming 3rd in the 350cc class and 2nd in the 1000cc.

In the 350cc event Allan kept a steady pace and from 3rd place on the grid he went to 3rd place on the podium.

In the 500/1000cc event Allan started in 2nd place on his G50 but finished in 3rd place against the larger 1000cc machines. He was the leading 500cc rider though, which was some consolation.

At the time of writing Allan is now only 6 points behind the leader Freddie Stewart in the 500cc category.

YouTube video.
Here’s a short video clip of the Classic 500/1000 Walderstown event in 2011.


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