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One of our managed helicopters has recently had paintwork treatment by Airglaze-Aviaton of Heinsberg, Germany, and we are very pleased with the results.

This high-quality aircraft restoration process has two key benefits:

First, it makes the aircraft look in ‘showroom condition’. The paintwork and graphics are as new.

Second, the aircraft has less drag because of the smooth finish that Airglaze-Aviation applies. The aircraft is also easier to clean, and has added UV protection.

We would like to thank Graham and the team at Airglaze-Aviation for their professional and superior quality service that we receive on a regular basis.

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More information. How Airglaze-Aviation describe their services.

We visited the Airglaze-Aviation website and gleaned this information about their service.

Airglaze Protective Coatings (APC) was developed for that part of the Aviation Industry that uses ‘Molecular Adhesion’ to prevent Parasitic Drag, to extend paint life, and to prevent corrosion on polished and unpolished bare metal surfaces.

Attributes of this technically remarkable formula are:
– Ease of application after aircraft preparation
– Low Cost of Application
– Ease of Aircraft Exterior Care after application. This results in reducing operating costs by fuel savings, and reduced cleaning costs by ease of cleaning after treatment.

The benefits of having your aircraft treated with APC are, less dirt build up on the aircraft surface, airflow smoothness preventing parasitic drag, and the reduction of aircraft down time for cleaning.

APC has a UV Protection on Painted Surfaces to prolong paint life and defer paint costs and aircraft down time.

APC is Certified for application by the world’s major airframe manufacturers, including Boeing, Douglas and Airbus Industries.

APC is Heat resistant to 450 Degrees F. / 230 Degrees C.


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