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    Individuals and corporations with private aircraft have a global agenda. Luviair gives all the support clients need to manage every aspect of their flight operations.

    Whether you are operating a single aircraft or a mixed fleet of helicopters and jets, we can provide the service you require to maximise your enjoyment and utilisation of your investment.

    We are a global operator. With Luviair, private aircraft become a reliable part of your business and social life.

  • Complying With National Standards

    Closely following a regulated industry

    Globally, for both rotary and fixed wing operations

    Safeguarding You

    Fixed-wing and rotary aircraft are amongst the most highly regulated assets in the world. And the complexity of aircraft management increases with every country visited. Whether you need a flight permit to fly a helicopter from a yacht in St. Tropez to an appointment in Italy, or support to fly a jet around the world, Luviair is the answer

    The Isle of Man offers a successful aircraft registry for private aviation. Luviair has maximised this opportunity giving you the ‘Freedom to Fly’.

  • Fly With Complete Confidence

    Strategic management locations

    Exceeding your operational expectations

    A trusted partner

    A key priority for Luviair and its VIP clients is to combine safety with meeting operational goals. Luviair’s technical and operational expertise promises maximum aircraft availability. We follow both commercial fixed and rotary wing operational standards. Our JAR 145 maintenance partners are of the highest calibre, and Luviair’s long standing relationship with them is constantly reviewed and watched over by our independent continuous airworthiness maintenance organisation (CAMO).

    Our aircrew, pilots and engineers are also of the highest calibre. Their certification and ongoing training are given top priority.

  • Reducing Your Cost Of Ownership

    Experienced Team

    Monthly Management and operational accounts

    Real savings to your operating budget

    Our offices in the Isle of Man give you cost-effective aircraft ownership and a fully managed package for aircrew recruitment and remuneration. With correct financial planning, considerable savings can be made in both the acquisition of aircraft and their ongoing operation.

    Our network of strategically placed offices means we are in the perfect position to help clients realise economies. And, by the way, our technical standards also maintain a high resale value for your aircraft which further reduces the cost of ownership.

  • Recruitment And Remuneration Package

    Industry compliant standards of manning

    Continuity of aircrew

    A content team

    Luviair takes care of all of your aircrew needs. We can recruit pilots with the necessary skills for your aircraft. Luviair can also take over the employment of any existing pilots the client wishes to retain. Our supportive environment makes us a popular management resource with pilots and aircrew.

    Aircrew benefits are reviewed against industry standards and fully negotiated with our clients and their aircrew to optimise value. We also manage necessary expenses whilst monitoring pilot flying time for legislative and safety purposes.

    The end result is that all pilot management issues are taken care of for our clients. And all in a friendly way which increases pilot loyalty and retention, another significant cost saver.

  • Working Together Is Easy

    A global flight partner

    Rotary and fixed wing operations

    A single monthly management payment

    The Luviair partnership means we can manage your fixed-wing and rotary flight program anywhere in the world. From a lunch appointment in the Alps to an intercontinental business trip, we’re there to support our clients. For a single monthly payment our clients enjoy a full flight support package. From permits through to aircrew and aircraft services, Luviair is your global flight partner. With Luviair in charge of aircraft management, you really do enjoy the ‘Freedom To Fly’.

    Take the first step. Email Nigel Watson now to start a dialogue.

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